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Korea protests Japanese white paper laying claim to Dokdo

Seoul’s Foreign Ministry on Friday criticized Tokyo’s claim to Korea’s easternmost islets in a new annual defense white paper adopted by the Japanese cabinet...

Japan claims Dokdo, soft-pedals forced labor in textbooks

Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regrets to Japan on Tuesday after Tokyo approved history textbooks that claim the Dokdo islets as its own...

Korea blasts Japan’s counterstrike plan, Dokdo claim

South Korea is expressing concern over Japan's desire for "counterstrike capabilities" and its renewed claim over the Dokdo islets in the East Sea. Counterstrike capabilities...

Seoul protests Tokyo’s new security strategy, claim to Dokdo

The Foreign Ministry summoned a counselor from the Korean Embassy in Japan to protest a National Security Strategy (NSS) released Friday that claimed sovereignty...

KAFLA Shares History of Dokdo

Following the partnership between the Dokdo Foundation and Korean American Federation of L.A. (KAFLA), the Dokdo exhibition is now available on the first floor...

American Writer Portrays”100% Real Korea” in His Novel, The Soju Club

An alcoholic father, a devoted, submissive mother, and the family's fall apart... These are not new literary topics to Korean readers. However, The Soju...

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