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BTS Jungkook

HYBE to host ‘The City’ project in Busan ahead of BTS’s free concert

    Boy band BTS’s management HYBE will host “The City” project to celebrate “BTS 〈Yet To Come〉 in Busan,” an upcoming free concert set for...

Busan officials to stream BTS concert on large screens at Haeundae Beach

BTS BTS’s upcoming free concert in Busan to promote the city’s bid to host World Expo 2030 will also be livestreamed at...

Bill proposed to allow alternative military service for BTS

    An amendment to the Military Service Act was proposed Monday to allow alternative military service for pop culture artists like BTS. The bill, proposed by Democratic...

The music video ‘Left and Right’ by Charlie Puth featuring Jungkook surpasses 100M views

“Left and Right,” a song by American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth in collaboration with Jungkook of BTS, has been storming global charts since its release...

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