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Fifty Fifty breaks silence over legal battle with agency

Members of girl group Fifty Fifty have publicly spoken out for the first time since they began a legal battle with their agency Attrakt...

Girl group Fifty Fifty declares legal war on agency

Another legal battle against alleged “artist poachers” is ailing the K-pop industry, with an all-out war breaking out between girl group Fifty Fifty, its...

Key to success in the K-pop industry: Is it the artist or the agency?

As K-pop continues to expand its influence around the world, the Korea JoongAng Daily would like to introduce Celeb Confirmed, a new entertainment news...

[INTERVIEW] Familiar foreign faces start agency for a more diverse Korean entertainment scene

Twenty years ago, simply being a foreigner living in Korea was reason enough to get on Korean television. Now in a more globalized society, non-Koreans...

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