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Sword of Malta – Lightning in 72 years (10)

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10. The Theft of Altima-39, and the Ballad of Sansuna

Starting November 2023, The Korea Daily is excited to publish the fantasy novel series “Sword of Malta – Lightning in 72 Years” on our website. This new captivating series follows a trio of young adventurers on their quest to uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations, including the Maya and Inca. In an exciting development, Netflix is currently adapting the novel’s storyline into a film.
The ‘Sword of Malta – Lightning in 72 Years’ is the latest novel authored by Jeeyoon Ha, who created the “Pangaea series.” Ha’s debut novel, “The Pangaea: Finding Xibalba,” was selected by the Korea Creative Content Agency in 2022 as part of their initiative to support the global export of fantasy literature.
Readers can eagerly anticipate the online publication of two installments each month, with new chapters appearing bi-weekly, offering a regular escape into this magical realm. *Mark Oh translated the Korean novel into English.

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The Emperor was the only one who could freely use Altima, no one in the Empire had the right to use Altima. For the Emperor, Altima was a means to rule the Empire. The Imperial army, following the Emperor’s orders, headed towards *Avalon, the residence of the magic tribes, to expel them, but they had already escaped.

“But it wasn’t just the magic tribes that disappeared.”

Eridan looked at the wall of fire.

“They even stole the spaceship Altima-39 and escaped.”

The Admiral of the Imperial army reported to the Emperor.

“Find Altima at all costs… and eliminate even the newly born baby of the magic tribes.”

The Emperor’s voice trembled with rage. The Nova Empire’s army searched the universe thoroughly, but they could not find the magic tribes. The Emperor even put up a bounty. *Spy snipers set out to find the magic tribes.

“Is the Altima spaceship that important?”

Maru thought this story was more interesting than his favorite book, [Persecuted Rice].

“Altima is a very unique metal. It’s light and strong, and also resistant to heat. It can even move faster than light speed. They made not only their spaceship but also their living temples out of Altima. But the magic tribes took the spaceship Altima-39.”

Eridan’s gaze became transparent.

“..Where did they disappear to?… Did the spy snipers find them?”

Suri couldn’t bear his curiosity. The magic tribes hid in the green valley of the universe. It was a valley cleverly spanning between the blue valley where new stars were being born and the yellow valley where old stars and dying stars were located. If one lost their way there, due to the severe space-time distortion, it was very likely to become a space wanderer. The magic tribes hid in the darkest triangle area of the green valley. Even just approaching it caused fierce Sirius lightning to surge, so no one could get close. They lived peacefully for a while.

“That’s a relief… I was anxious they might have been captured and annihilated.”

Sabi sighed in relief.

“But… a bigger problem arose. Not long after, the Sanusnaga of the Arcanus tribe left Earth on the spaceship Altima-39.”

Eridan took his gaze away from the wall of fire and looked at Sabi.

The magic tribe was a coalition of six tribes. They were the Arcanus tribe, Draco tribe, Ren tribe, Cain tribe, Libya tribe, and Meta tribe. They all had their own special magic. They named the brightest star in the Triangle area Sirius and called themselves the Sirius tribe.

“Sanusna was the queen of the Arcanus tribe.”

Eridan seemed to have a special emotion towards Sanusna. “They had a hard time settling in Sirius…Why…did they abandon their home star and go to Earth?”

Sabi couldn’t understand.

“…At that time, I was fighting with Moloch.”

Eridan closed his eyes.

“Sanusna might have left the Sirius to protect Altima-39, right?…That’s what happened.”

Sabi exclaimed.

“…You might be right…but your father also knows the truth about Altima.”

Eridan opened his eyes and looked at Suri, Sabi, and Maru in turn.

“My dad…really?”

Suri was taken aback. ”

And there are others who know that truth. It’s the *Oracle…They’re trying to take over Altima-39. Your father would have had to find Altima-39 before them. He would have hurried. So you should hurry too.”

Eridan’s eyes were glassy.

“…As he gets more worried, Eridan’s eyes become transparent.”

There was no strength in Malta’s voice either.

“…Altima-39 is in Malta, right? Isn’t it?”

Suri was strangely energized.

“Let’s…I’ll take you to Malta…But don’t forget one thing. Don’t forget Sanusna’s song. It’ll be the password.” Eridan pulled out [Winged Traveler] and gave it to Suri. Suri took the book with admiration. The book opened on its own. It was page 72, [Sanusna’s Ballad].

“It seems this book was waiting for Professor Sirius…I’m seeing it for the first time today too.” Malta also seemed touched. Inside page 72, countless small pages existed like fossils. On the first page of the book, there was a torch sword symbol. When they turned to the next page, the Canis Major, Sirius star, Triangle area, and Malta Island appeared. Then familiar numbers appeared. 357.06.83333.45.3 361.08. .91.141.73..666. 58.146.017

“My goodness…”

Suri noticed that the page depicting Canis Major, the Sirius star, Triangle area, and Malta Island was identical to the map Maru found at the cartoon lab.

“Could dad…have seen this book? Or was the map dad has the first?”

Suri couldn’t focus because of the questions that kept piling up.

“Do you know who wrote this book?”

Suri asked Eridan. “…No one knows. The book was here when this library was built. It’s a very, very old book.”

Malta shook his head.

“Now, leave.”

Eridan was resolute.

“Professor Sirius, we have to find dad, right? Where dad is… right there…”

Malta was standing close to Suri.

“Yes, I know…So we have to go where the Stone Temple is.”

Suri was determined.

“Now, I’ll send you to Malta.”

Eridan’s pupils enlarged again. Hundreds of sunthunderbuds whispered something into Eridan’s ear. Eridan threw lightning at the wall of fire. Then the flame of the torch sword ignited and a swirling portal was created.

“Take the yellow tram. Hurry.”

Malta said. Suri walked into the portal. As soon as she entered, tram tracks appeared as if she was in the middle of Sydney City, and a yellow tram was just coming in. ‘Malta’ was written on the front of the tram.

“Perhaps what the map points to might not be Malta… Malta could also be a huge steganography… because… they said to find the sword, right?”

Suri grab [Winged Traveler] tightly in his arms.

[To be continued…]