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Study shows 52% of Asian Americans feel unsafe in U.S. due to their ethnicity

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One in two Asians feel unsafe in the United States due to their ethnicity, according to a new survey.

The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) recently released the results of a survey they conducted between February 9 and March 13 with 5,235 adults nationwide in recognition of AAPI Heritage Month.

The STAATUS Index, a national study of American attitudes towards the AAPI community, found that more than half of Asian respondents (52%) said they feel unsafe in the United States due to their race/ethnicity.

Respondents feel most unsafe on public transportation (29%), followed by their own neighborhoods (19%), at their school/university (19%), in the workplace (17%), in their local markets (17%), where they vote (12%), and at religious events (8%).

Seventy-eight percent of Asians do not feel they completely belong and are accepted. This is the highest among all races, including Blacks (76%), Latinos (75%), and Whites (43%).

This is also a seven percentage point increase from 71% in the same survey last year. TAAF found that especially young and female Asian Americans are among the least likely of all racial groups surveyed to feel belonging and accepted in America.

Overall, one in four respondents said they think Asian Americans are more loyal to their country of origin than to the United States. One in five believe that Asian Americans are partially responsible for COVID-19.

“We can’t blame political rhetoric and the COVID-19 pandemic alone for anti-Asian sentiment. Historic stereotypes and prejudices towards our communities are persistent and deeply entrenched,” said Norman Chen, CEO of TAAF.

“By tracking these perceptions, we want to draw attention and implement solutions to the very real and persistent problems impacting the daily lives of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders,” added Chen.

TAAF was founded in May 2021 to support the AAPI community amid the surge of discrimination and hate crimes targeting Asians across the country after the COVID-19 pandemic.

BY GYEONGEUN PARK [support@koreadaily.com]