Starbucks’ New ‘Unity’ Cup Leads to Controversy



To the new ‘unity’ cup that Starbucks has created, many Americans’ reactions seem to be “disunited”.

On the 1st, Starbucks released their new single-use cup design which has a green background of more than 100 faces and a white circle in the middle.

The company explained that they had created the cup with the hope of getting rid of racism and competition and making a harmony, especially when we only have a week before the presidential election. However, there have been a division of opinions between those who say yes and no to the new design.

In Twitter, some reacted by saying, “It is a unique and excellent idea” or “It looks good that they have put people together”. However, some others complained and said, “It is uncomfortable because it seems to contain a liberal message”, “Why is there no red or Jesus when it’s Christmas soon”, and “It is a superficial marketing strategy before the election”.

Another person said, “It is strange that people are reacting so vigorously on something that a coffee company made for sales. It is pretty said that we’re showing such a disunited image to a message that hopes for unity”.

Meanwhile, Starbucks is reportedly in the process of creating a different cup that is to be used for the end of the year. As last year’s red cup caused a controversy, the company is receiving much attention for their upcoming design.



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Translated by Audrey Joung