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[WATCH] Stages That Totally Nailed MAMA 2016

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The 2016 MNet Asian Music Awards has successfully taken place in Hong Kong last night.

The event, which awards talented musical artists from Asian countries, is growing bigger each year, thanks to epic stages performed by the hottest artists of the year who bring performances that highlight visual performances and choreography.

This year, too, MAMA’s main stage was embellished with remarkable performances. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it live last night, here are some of the highlight stages.


1. Exo – Transformer + Monster

Even though Exo had to fly from Tokyo to Hong Kong right after their concert with no time to rest, they’ve displayed such a perfect performance on stage.


2. Taemin – Guess Who + Solider + Goodbye

Powerful choreography, strong vocals… Taemin proved his ability as a solo artist at MAMA this year!


3. G. Friend & Seventeen – Boom Boom + Navillera + Adore U + Very Nice

G. Friend and Seventeen made such an adorable collaboration by connecting hit numbers like a musical! VERY NICE!


4. BewhY & Yiruma & Prepix – Day Day

The hottest Korean rapper of the year, BewhY, collaborated with pianist Yiruma and dance group Prepix. Actor Yoo Ah-in also collaborated with the rapper by producing a short film that was screened prior to the performance.


5. BTS – Boys Meets Evil Part + Blood Sweat & Tears

No wonder how BTS was awarded as Best Dance Performance Boy Group! Especially Jimin’s dance moves with blindfold is just astonishing.


By Heewon Kim