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Six Habits That Keep You From Losing Weight

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Aging slows one’s metabolism, increasing the chance of weight gain. However, there are other things that slow your metabolism: bad habits (surprise!). If you prefer eating more and moving less over calorie-cutting diet and hours of daily exercise, get away from these habits!

1. Skipping breakfast

It’s easy to skip breakfasts in busy mornings and wait for lunch feasts. But since you don’t eat anything when you’re sleeping (unless you do. No judgment.), skipping breakfast delays the calorie-burning process until you eat something. Experts recommend eating within an hour – or even better, within 15 minutes – of waking up.

2. Not drinking enough water
Every cellular process relies on water, which means that your metabolism is also slowed with less water. Not only does dehydration decrease metabolism, but it also lowers the energy level, leading you to feel fatigue faster.

3. Crash diet
I know it’s not fun to be on a steady, slow paced diet. However, extreme calorie-cutting diet only makes your body to gain weight faster and more easily. For the best result, eat a small amount of healthy and balanced meal every three or four hours.

4. Drinking
When you consume alcohol, your liver focuses on the metabolization of alcohol in your body, rather than burning fats. According to research, two beers reduce the fat-burning ability by 73%.

5. Sleep deprivation
Sleeping too little increases insulin resistance, which raises blood sugar level. Irregular hormone levels, increased cortisol levels, and decreased growth hormone as results of sleep loss don’t help your body function well.

6. Sitting for a long time

Even if you work out regularly, spending too much time on your chair makes your metabolism not as functional. I know you can’t wander around the office when you’re at work, but at least try to spend few minutes on your feet every once in a while.


Original document available from www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=6&branch=NEWS&source=&category=lifenleisure.general&art_id=4206919
Translated by Heewon Kim