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Secret Camera at K-Town Bar

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A server at a bar in Los Angeles Koreatown was caught filming a video footage of a female customer while she was in the restroom. The victim was reportedly left furious by the business owner’s attempt to dodge responsibility.

The victim, a 30-year-old woman only identified by her last name Son, filed a damage claim suit against the business. The bar, only identified by its initial D, allegedly turned a blind eye to the employee who is now accused of the crime in November, Son said.

“I saw a red men’s shoe underneath the restroom stall divider,” Son said. “Just when I thought something was weird, I saw a man’s hand shoving a smartphone camera under the stall divider.”

The employee allegedly ran out of the restroom when Son screamed out of fear and shock. Son was able to identify the man after requesting the bar’s manager to show her the surveillance camera footage.

“The business owner reluctantly admitted that the man was an employee only when my friends and I continued to confront him,” Son said. “But he never apologized. The police also said that there wasn’t enough evidence.”

Ultimately, Son filed a damage claim suit against the bar. She says she is suffering from psychological damage as well from the incident.

“I’m shocked that an employee can just enter a women’s restroom and start filming whatever he wants,” Son said. “I hope other customers will be careful.”

However, the business owner dismissed Son’s claims and said that the incident occurred out of a misunderstanding.

“The police arrived and we checked our employee’s smartphone, but there were no pictures or videos,” the business owner said. “I think she may have been mistaken. The lawsuit is still under review at the moment.”

By Hyoung Jae Kim