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Samyang adds ‘Tom Yum’ flavor to Buldak range

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Samyang Foods' Buldak Ramen Tom Yum, the latest addition to its Buldak product line [SAMYANG FOODS]
Samyang Foods’ Buldak Ramen Tom Yum, the latest addition to its Buldak product line [SAMYANG FOODS]

Korean food company Samyang Foods introduced the Thai traditional dish ‘Tom Yum’ as a new flavor to its popular Buldak brand product line.

The Buldak Ramen Tom Yum is to make its debut in the United States as an export-only product in December, which means it will not be available in Korea. The product will be only available in packet noodle form as of now.

Unlike the original Buldak ramen series which comes as a fried noodle type, the Buldak Ramen Tom Yum incorporates a broth, blending the distinct sour and spicy elements of Tom Yum with the fiery kick of Buldak. To maintain the signature Tom Yum aroma, a medley of spices, including lime and cilantro, has been added to the mix.

“Buldak Ramen Tom Yum has been developed targeting the Asian population in the country and those who appreciate Asian cuisine,” the food firm explained.

The latest product follows a series of strategic product releases aimed at catering to local consumer preferences. For those not yet accustomed to fiery flavors, the ‘Corn’ flavor was introduced, while the ‘Habanero Lime’ version was tailored to resonate with the Hispanic population in the United States.

“The Tom Yum flavor will be sold in Asian regions beyond the States,” Samyang Foods said.

Outside the United States, Samyang Foods has introduced other tailored products in international markets. Examples include the ‘Yakisoba’ flavor in Japan, ‘Curry’ in Southeast Asia and ‘Mala’ in China.

Some export products have gained popularity among Korean consumers, leading to requests for their availability in the domestic market. In response, Samyang Foods introduced products such as ‘Buldak Ramen Yakisoba’ and ‘Buldak Ramen Habanero Lime’ here.

BY SEO JI-EUN [seo.jieun1@joongang.co.kr]