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Run and Run to Prevent Illnesses

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Members of the L.A. Runners Club, which is starting a five-week marathon class on March 26. From the left; Coach Jung-sook Lim, Vice-chairman Jay Kim, chief coach Sang-ho Seo and director Hyun Shin.

“You don’t have to think that running a marathon is hard. Anyone can do it, but not everyone does it!”

The L.A. Runners Club, founded in 2007, is looking for more running mates in the 11th year of its existence. The club, consisting mostly of Koreans, promotes healthier lifestyle by running. It is also promoting the belief that running a marathon is something anyone can do if they really put their minds into it.

“It not only makes you stronger, but it’s the best way to relieve your stress,” said L.A. Runners Club vice-chairman Jay Kim. “Benefits of running are straight forward, but I can’t say enough about how great it is for you.”

Running a marathon is obviously a whole-body workout. That makes it the most effective exercise for weight control, while it also helps to improve blood circulation to prevent various lifestyle related diseases stemming from bad habits.

Training is held every Sunday at 6 a.m., starting from Wilson and Harding Golf Courses in Griffith Park. It begins with a 30-minute stretch to prevent runners from injuries, followed by group sessions based on the runner’s preference of running or power walking. After the respective workouts, a cool down session and a short meeting concludes the day.

“Running the L.A. Marathon has always been on my bucket list,” said L.A. Runners Club coach Sang-ho Seo. “It has given be a big boost in life after I started. It has been a fulfilling journey so far.”

Seo will also be competing at the Boston Marathon.
“I’ve completed 77 marathons in the last 17 years,” Seo said. “Through learning the theories and practical experiences of running, people who once had doubts about running can become excellent runners.”

The marathon training starts on March 26 for five weeks. Students will walk three to four miles every week and get a firsthand experience of what it is like to run a marathon.

▶ 26th: Correct running form and tips ▶ April 2: Purchasing equipment (shoes, socks and clothes) ▶ 9th: Injury prevention and treatment ▶ 16th: Healthy eating and habits ▶ 23th: Skincare for runners.

More information is available on cafe.daum.net/larunnersclub
▶ Inquiries: (213)446-5540, (818)334-9758

By Byung Chang