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Renowned chef Christophe Émé joins Cafe Concerto for exclusive Gala Dinner in Koreatown

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On July 9 at 6 p.m, a collaboration gala dinner featuring renowned chef Christophe Émé and Cafe Concerto’s CEO Eunsang Kim will take place at the Cafe in LA’s Koreatown. Chef Émé will present an authentic French course menu, while Mr. Kim, known as the first Korean coffee hunter, will pair wines and coffees for the event.

Chef Émé has honed his skills in several Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe, including the Michelin 2-star Le Taillevent in Paris. After moving to LA, he operated the fine dining restaurant Ortolan from 2005 to 2011, earning a Michelin star. Currently, he works as a menu consultant and private dining chef in LA.

Mr. Kim shared, “I was introduced to Chef Émé by chance and discovered his interest in Koreatown. I suggested he host a private dinner event here, and he gladly accepted.”

Chef Christophe Émé, left, and Cafe Concerto’s CEO Eunsang Kim

Cafe Concerto plans to host these collaborative gala dinners with renowned chefs monthly. “We aim to expand these events, and Chef Émé is eager to participate,” Kim said. “We plan to invite other famous chefs.”

Mr. Kim also expressed a desire to promote the diversity of Korean cuisine through these gala dinners. He said, “While this event features traditional French cuisine, future events will incorporate Korean ingredients. This initiative aims to introduce the variety of Korean cuisine to different ethnicities and overcome the limitations of Koreatown’s dining scene.”

BY KYEONGJUN KIM, YOUNGNAM KIM [kim.kyeongjun1@koreadaily.com]