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‘Rainier Teriyaki’ reopened by owner’s son after owner was shot and killed in armed robbery attempt

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“My father didn’t just make food to sell. We are grateful for the support of the community.”

A second-generation Korean-American who lost his father to an armed robbery is honoring his legacy by reopening the restaurant with a relative. Local residents and media have honored the memory of the deceased and supported the family.

On April 6, Seattle local station K5 reported that the Rainier Teriyaki restaurant has reopened for business and is attracting local customers. The restaurant had been closed for some time after the owner was killed in a robbery in January.

The man who was fatally shot by robbers was Hansoo Kim, 58, reportedly the father of South Korean singer Sam Kim.

Three months after the incident, Rainier Teriyaki recently reopened thanks to the efforts of the deceased’s son and relatives. “Many people brought flowers and letters to the restaurant and remembered my late father,” said his son, Kim Joo-young, who expressed his gratitude, adding, “If my father was here to run the restaurant with me, it would be less of a burden.”

Kim continued, “Even when my father cut his hands or fracture his bones working in the restaurant, he always came home with a smile on his face. I will keep his legacy alive as best as I can.”

Now, his son Kim runs the restaurant with his uncle, who runs the kitchen. After hearing the news, residents have been flocking to Kim’s restaurant. Residents say the 10-year-old restaurant is like a home for friends and family.

“I am so grateful and happy that so many people visited the restaurant (after the robbery). Without the community’s support, it would have been hard for my family to pull ourselves together,” Kim said.

The Seattle Police Department is still looking for tips (206-233-5000) on the armed robbery and homicide case.


BY HYUNGJAE KIM [kim.ian@koreadaily.com]