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Public hearing on LA city reform to be held on Aug. 29 in Koreatown

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The Korean American Federation of Los Angeles (KAFLA), the Koreatown Youth & Community Center (KYCC), and other Korean American organizations are set to host a public hearing on Los Angeles city government reform.

In collaboration with Our LA, a multiethnic organization advocating for reforms at LA City Hall and the LA City Council, the hearing is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on August 29 at the Korean American Community Center in Los Angeles.

The primary topics of discussion include the establishment of an independent redistricting agency and the expansion of council seats. Additionally, attendees will participate in smaller community discussion groups about ongoing council issues. Feedback from these discussions will later be presented to the council by citizen representatives.

Those wishing to attend can reserve their spots online at http://bit.ly/44oZpvU or by contacting KAFLA at 323-732-0700. As an added incentive, the first 50 attendees who reserve and remain throughout the public hearing will receive a $50 gift card. Korean language interpretation will be available during the event, and a light dinner will also be provided.

Following last year’s controversy over a recorded racial slur, the LA City Council established a special committee on city governance reform. This committee aims to gather public input to enhance transparency and address redistricting concerns. Topics such as redistricting and the potential expansion of council seats (with a maximum of 31 seats) are on the agenda for the council’s plenary session next month. These matters could also feature in a referendum during next year’s election.

BY BRIAN CHOI  [choi.inseong@koreadaily.com]