The Prestigious Korea Daily College Fair


The 12th Korea Daily College Fair, the largest Asian-American education seminar, will be held on Sept. 30 (Saturday) at Birmingham Community Charter High School in San Fernando Valley.

Sponsored by McDonald’s, this year’s event will be in partnership with Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association’s STEM major fair. The event is also supported by Shinhan Bank as it aims to provide information about various colleges in depth.

The fair is also offering a new program, which connects soon-to-be high school graduates with current college students and recent graduates who can offer advice.

■Colleges to set up 50 booths
From Ivy League schools to UCs and Cal States, about 50 schools will be at the event. Medical schools and West Point will also hold information sessions. In addition, experts will be present at the event to provide information on colleges, strategizing admission process, financial aid and more. The author of Amazon bestseller The Applicant will also be at the event. Singer Megan Lee, who became popular on Korean TV show Star Audition: The Great Birth, will give a speech.

■Meeting with mentors
About 40 Korea Daily’s student journalists and STEM major students will participate in the event as mentors to explain the college application process. Experts from four different fields—biotechnology, computer science, engineering and pure science—will provide more detailed information about STEM majors through a panel discussion. Mentors from Google, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Cal Tech and other college students from Southern California will be available.

A guidebook on next year’s college admission will be provided for free. Nongshim and CJ, two of the sponsors for the event, will also give away free gifts.

▶Date and time: Sept. 30, 2017 10 a.m.~3 p.m.
▶Location: Birmingham Community Charter High School (17000 Haynes St. Van Nuys, CA91406)
▶Co-presenters: Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association
▶Title sponsor: McDonald’s (logo)
▶Supporting sponsors: Shinhan Bank (logo), Nongshim (logo), CJ (logo), CGV (logo)
▶Inquiry: Korea Daily Education Institute (213)368-9806, 2577