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Police investigate alleged sexual harassment at BTS member Jin’s ‘free hug’ event

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Police began an internal investigation into fans’ alleged sexual harassment of boy band BTS member Jin that took place during his meet and greet event last week.

The Songpa Police Station began investigating fans who tried to kiss Jin during the “free hug” event held last Thursday as part of BTS’s 11th anniversary celebrations.

Police began the investigation after receiving a report from an individual who also uploaded an online post revealing themselves to be the person who made the complaint to the police. The individual received a notice from Songpa police that an investigation began on charges of sexual harassment in public space, according to the online post.

A number of fans were shot on camera trying to kiss BTS’s Jin, as opposed to just a hug that the singer promised to fans, during Thursday’s event.

Pictures of fans attempting to kiss BTS’s Jin on June 13 at the hug event [SCREEN CAPTURE]

One Japanese fan even uploaded an online blog post reading, “My lips touched against his neck. His skin was so soft.”

Jin’s free hug event came as part of the BTS Festa 2024 event, which was mired in controversy over alleged sexual harassment and reports of poor management.

Pictures from the event showed some fans making inappropriate sexual advances to Jin during the hug event he hosted, and other fans reportedly suffered from heatstroke and heat exhaustion during this year’s BTS Festa.

BY YOON SO-YEON [yoon.soyeon@joongang.co.kr]