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Phones Die and Eggs Freeze in Northern Part of South Korea

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On the fourth day of cold wave, the coldest city in South Korea recorded as low as negative 25 degrees Celsius.

In the morning on January 26, streets of Dongsong-eup, Cheorwon County, were quiet. Except for some cars, it was hard to locate people on the street. Even those out on the street were geared up with thick winter coats.

“Today is the coldest day of this winter,” said a local resident in his 50s. “It’s so cold that most of the people in this neighborhood don’t even dare going outside.”

The cold wave is continuing for four days in a row. It took an hour for a raw egg to be frozen in this weather and phones died as well.

Hantan River, which flows outskirts of Dongsong-eup, was completely frozen, even though the river hardly freezes because of its rapid velocity. Cheorwon’s high temperate of the day was forecasted to be negative 12 degrees Celsius.

Korea Meteorological Administration forecasted that the low temperature of Cheorwon in the morning of January 27 would be negative 23 degrees Celsius.


By Heewon Kim