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Pentagon’s Hongseok medically discharged from mandatory military service

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Hongseok of boy band Pentagon [CUBE ENTERTAINMENT]
Hongseok of boy band Pentagon [CUBE ENTERTAINMENT]

Hongseok of the k-pop band Pentagon has been discharged from his mandatory military service due to panic attacks and depression, said his agency Cube Entertainment on Monday.

“Hongseok has been battling panic attacks and depression, along with agoraphobia since before enlisting. He continued treatment and therapy during his military service,” the agency wrote in a statement. “But as his condition worsened, the military deemed he could not serve and receive treatment at the same time. It was decided that Hongseok should get a medical discharge.”

“We apologize for causing concerns due to this sudden news,” the agency continued. “We will do our best so that Hongseok can focus on his treatment and get in a stable condition.

Hongseok debuted in October 2016 as a member of the Pentagon, best known for the 2018 hit “Shine.” He enlisted for his mandatory service in May 2022, as all able-bodied Korean men must serve at least 18 months in the military.