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OKF Appoints Han as Chief Director

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Korean-American media personality Woo-sung Han has been appointed by the Overseas Koreans Foundation as its next chief director.

The announcement was made via South Korean media. Han, 61, has already agreed in principle to take the position.

Han is especially welcomed by the Korean-American community. This is the first time in which the South Korean government has selected a Korean-American to lead the Overseas Koreans Foundation in its history.

“The Overseas Koreans Foundation is an organization that specializes in instilling the identity of Koreans for generations to come through various events,” said Korean American Federation L.A. chairwoman Laura Jeon. “This is the first time a Korean-American is taking the position. Han is someone who knows about the situation of Korean-Americans as he is from L.A.”

The appointment of Han also hints that South Korean president Jae-in Moon is well aware of the 7.5 Koreans currently living outside of the motherland.

“The Overseas Koreans Foundation’s biggest project is to grow the political power of Koreans who live abroad,” said chairman Young-seok Seo. “It’s also important to educate 1.5 and second generation Korean immigrants about our identity and bridging the gap between South Korea and overseas Koreans are all important.”

Critics added that the Korean-American community should not be reliant on the Overseas Koreans Foundation.

An organization leader said: “The Overseas Koreans Foundation is an organization designed to help overseas Koreans to be independent. It is not right to continue to rely on others.”

By Hyoungjae Kim

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