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OC Cypress Police warns residents of imposter scam soliciting donations

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The Cypress Police Department is warning residents of Orange County of a new scam impersonating law enforcement officials asking for donations. [Image captured from Instagram]

The Cypress Police Department has alerted the residents of Orange County to be watchful of a new scam following a surge in reports of calls from imposters pretending to be law enforcement officials.

Increasing numbers of people have reported receiving WhatsApp phone calls from overseas, according to an Instagram post from the Cypress Police Department.

“These callers are utilizing the Cypress Police Department patch as the logo that is shown on their caller ID and profile,” said the Cypress Police Department.

The scammers reportedly call and ask for donations to be sent to the police department and Police Officer Association, with which they are not affiliated.

The Cypress police asked the residents not to contribute or respond to the scammers and to contact the local police if they receive suspicious phone calls, texts, or e-mails similar to the reported scam.

BY HOONSIK WOO [woo.hoonsik@koreadaily.com]