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Netflix’s ‘The 8 Show’ tops non-English category with 6.5 million views

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Netflix original series “The 8 Show” topped Netflix’s Global Top 10 list in the Non-English Content category in the second week of its release.

“The 8 Show” was viewed 4.8 million times last week and a total of 6.5 million times since its release, according to Netflix. “The 8 Show” is popular overseas, having been named a Top 10 Non-English series in a total of 68 countries including Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Egypt, Indonesia and Vietnam.

“The 8 Show” is a drama in which eight strangers randomly come together and live on separate floors to participate in a dangerous competitive game, hoping to earn life-changing sums of money. The strangers soon find themselves embroiled in extreme conflict due to differing opinions and desires.

″The 8 Show″ was viewed 4.8 million times last week, according to Netflix. [NETFLIX]

The show is based on cartoonist Bae Jin-soo’s webtoons “Money Game” and “Pie Game,” with director Han Jae-rim as the showrunner. Actors Ryu Jun-yeolChun Woo-heePark Jeong-min and Lee Yul-eum star in the show.

“I’m glad that so many people are interested,” Han said through a news release Monday, adding that he was glad to see his show reaching a global audience.
Han has previously produced films such as “The King” (2017) and “Emergency Declaration” (2022). Han’s first Netflix series, “The 8 Show,” is currently streaming on Netflix.

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BY KIM MIN-YOUNG [kim.minyoung5@joongang.co.kr]