Music Club ‘Classy Saxophones’ to Hold Annual Concert


Husky voice is what saxophones are compared to as a musical instrument. It is solid and strong, as the unique sound has to be blown through foggy.

On Oct. 28 at 6 p.m., 16 saxophones will create a harmonious at Fullerton Presbyterian Church (511 S. Brookhurst Rd.) as Classy Saxophones, a team of amateur saxophone players, will host its fourth annual concert.

Classy Saxophones consists of 15 men and one woman who live in various locations across Southern California. The members will perform various songs, ranging from traditional Korean to praise music to Franz Schubert to Antonio Vivaldi. Also, trumpet player and Shalom Church pastor Jin-geol Noh will perform as a guest.

Aside from its conductor, every member of Classy Saxophones is amateurs. The group was founded in 212.

“There were five people who I used to teach,” said Sang-yong Nam, the conductor. “They weren’t really improving, so all five of them got together every Wednesday to perform together. That’s how it started. We use four different types of saxophones to play relatively easy songs, so they started getting better while having fun in the process.”

Classic Saxophones has since been getting together every Wednesday at Nam’s studio for practice.

“Every one of our member did not major in music,” Nam said. “There’s nothing to worry about. Even people who started in their 60s and 70s can play music without a problem. They also learn breathing techniques to play saxophone, which helped them to improve their health. We probably play the highest quality music among all amateur Korean-American music clubs.”

Classy Saxophones director Kwang-jin Kim added: “The audience will be able to listen to some excellent music as the sounds will be provided by four different types of saxophones that will serve as baritone, tenor, alto and soprano. We hope to present joy to our audience at the concert.”

Inquiries can be made by calling 562-881-9285 or 682-2842.

By Sanghwan Lim