“Moon Is the Only Hope When the World Is Dark”


Interpretation of President Moon’s last name has been a hot topic in South Korea.

A Twitter user @M. Nabeel P. referred to a new South Korean president, Moon Jae In on Twitter. He tweeted “Moon is the name? Moon only reflects the light of the sun.” Many people have taken it as a negative connotation and they showed discontent about the comment.

However, some of the Korean twitter users replied on that comment with a new approach. @soldatwon tweeted, “And the sun is a will of people. If Moon reflects it, that will be a true democracy.” Many were impressed how the words such as “sun” and “reflect” were reinterpreted in context.

Not only that, @독립문의 자유종이 울릴때까지 replied: “But it is the only hope when the world is dark,” implying that President Moon will lead a chaotic state of affairs well shining through the darkness.


By Juna Moon