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Milal Mission to Host an Event for Korean American Disabled Community

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Coordinators are explaining the Camp of Love. From left; Milal Mission manager Cheon-young Lee, O.C. Class of Love lecturer Seung-yeon Lee and Camp of Love director Alex Ryu.
“Any disabled Korean can participate. We hope you sign up!”

The Camp of Love, an event for disabled Korean-American children and adults hosted by Milal Mission, will be held from June 29 to July 1 at Bakersfield Marriot.

The upcoming event is drawing big expectations as it has been upgraded from being hosted at school dormitories in the past to Bakersfield Marriot.

“The participants and volunteers will be able to enjoy this camp in a way that is different from other camps out there,” said Alex Ryu, the event coordinator. “We’re preparing the camp so that the content of our presentation is something difficult to experience at other events.”

One of those distinct features is party and music concert, which attendees must wear full makeup and tuxedos. The concept of this year’s camp is “Holy Swag.” The participants will be able to enjoy dancing and music.

“We’re also preparing a large pool party for 500 people with games and team activities,” said Ryu. “Anyone regardless of their family background or age can apply for the event.”

The event coordinators are also searching for more volunteers.

“We need more volunteers in various age groups as the previous participants are now grownups,” said Milal Mission manager Cheon-young Lee. “If there are doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners who could volunteer, that would help us tremendously.”

Participating fee is $180 per person. Milal Mission is currently holding various fundraiser campaigns to fund as many aspiring applicants as possible.

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By Nicole Chang