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Middle School Students Accused of Group Masturbation in Class

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Students from a middle school in Daejeon, Korea, were caught masturbating in front of a female teacher during a class period.

According to Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education’s report on June 26, nine eight-graders were reported for sexually inappropriate action during a class on June 21.

The teacher who found them in action felt humiliated and left the classroom immediately to report the incident to the school. The school investigated the case and found out that the students have done such action several times in the past when teachers were unaware.

Eight of the students who were involved in the incident admitted their misbehavior. According to the city’s Office of Education on June 27, they were given the penalty of special education for eight days and additional sexual education sessions.

“It was not a lewd action targeting the female teacher, but a behavior driven by mischief and heroism,” the Office of Education explained.

Regarding the incident, Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union presented a statement to request a special inspection of the school, criticizing the Education authorities’ failure to respond in a timely manner.

“We need fundamental measures to prevent further infringement of teacher’s right and sexual violence in school,” said a representative from the Union’s Daejeon office.


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By Heewon Kim