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MBC to Release Experimental ‘Mini-Mini’ Drama Series, Three Colors of Fantasies

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In courtesy of MBC and Naver
In courtesy of MBC and Naver

Korean television network MBC is trying something new with their drama series. On January 26, MBC releases their first “mini-mini drama series,” Three Colors of Fantasies.

Three Colors of Fantasies, as the title implies, comprises three different fantasy stories. Produced by MBC and Naver, the drama invites three producers – namely, Kim Ji-hyun, Park Sang-hoon, and Kwon Seong-chan – to each take in charge of a three-episode-long fantasy drama.

First to be aired among the three is Star of the Universe. Starring Exo’s Suho and actress Ji-woo, the drama depicts a romantic relationship between a celebrity and his fan who has become a grim reaper after death.

Romance Full of Life stars Yoon Shi-yoon and Jo Soo-hyang. Its plot centers around a sad reality of Noryangjin, neighborhood is Seoul that is crammed with people studying for civil service exams. In the drama, Yoon Shi-yoon makes a transformation into a poor young adult studying for the police exam for 4 years.

In courtesy of MBC and Naver
In courtesy of MBC and Naver

Queen of the Ring is about a common girl who has been succeeded the ‘One Ring,’ which holds great power to develop a romantic relationship. This last drama to be released stars two of the most popular young actors and actresses, Kim Seul-gi and Ahn Hyo-seop.

Collaborative project of MBC and Naver, Three Colors of Fantasies takes a rather unusual format to release the series. Each episode is pre-released through Naver as a web-drama and the resolutions of stories will be televised few days after the web release.

Previously, MBC and Naver have proved the potential of using two platforms through 2015’s popular 2-episode drama, Splash Splash Love. Releasing three dramas of the similar kind in a row, Three Colors of Fantasies aims to create a new¬†broadcasting format.


By Heewon Kim