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Maryland House of Rep. candidate Mark Chang calls for support across country

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[Meet the Candidates: Mark Chang]

Mark Chang (D-32nd District), the first Korean American to run for Congress in Maryland, visited Los Angeles on January 28. Chang is campaigning in the 3rd District, which includes Howard, Anne Arundel, and Carroll counties. He aims to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Rep. John Sarbanes.

The following is an edited excerpt from the interview.

Mark Chang


-Why did you visit L.A.?
“I will be visiting around the country to gather support before the election. I started in Los Angeles at a meeting of the presidents of the 26 chapters of the Honam Society to announce my candidacy and ask for their support.”

-On running for Maryland House of Representatives.
“As a third-term state delegate, I represented Anne Arundel County (District 32), and now I aim to represent Howard, Anne Arundel, and Carroll counties, areas with significant Korean populations. It’s disheartening that there are no Korean-American politicians in these areas. If elected, I will be the first Korean-American congressman to amplify the Korean-American voice in the mainstream.”

-What are your campaign promises?
“Economic development is my focus. If elected, I will support average families and business owners struggling with rising prices and labor costs. I’ll also strive to stabilize turbulent international relations. I believe I am the right person to navigate the complex dynamics among North Korea, Japan, China, and the United States, particularly concerning South Korea.”

-What is your campaign strategy?
“As vice-chair of the Maryland Appropriations Committee, I understand the state’s $60 billion budget, having been involved in sectors ranging from healthcare to transportation, education, and public safety. My campaign will highlight my ability to secure federal funding.”

-How do you see your chances of winning?
“My district is 70% white, 25% black, and only 1% Asian. If I can be competitive in such a district, I can be competitive on a larger scale. With 15 candidates running, uniting the Korean and Asian votes could lead to victory.”

-What are your hopes for the Korean-American community?
“We are working hard to win the Democratic primary on May 14. I urge the Korean American community to vote and lend their full support.”

To learn more about Chang, visit his campaign website at markformaryland.com.

BY SUAH JANG, JUNHAN PARK    [jang.suah@koreadaily.com]