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Lisaa Presents Personal Interpreters with You Anywhere, in Any Situation

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When visiting foreign countries, not knowing their languages is one of the last things you want to experience. If necessary, you may find an interpreter, but it’s never easy or affordable to have an interpreter with you wherever and whenever.

With Lisaa, however, you can ward off your worries. A professional interpreter will accompany you anywhere, in any occasion, for the price as low as $1 per minute – on your smartphone.

Lisaa is a mobile interpretation service nested in Silicon Valley, CA. According to the developer, Lisaa is “an innovative way for individuals anywhere in the world to have access to quality interpretation in any situation, while providing independent contractors with a way to supplement their income on their own schedule.” Just like Uber, Lisaa provides service that connects clients to vendors.

To use the service, you can simply purchase an interpretation coupon on the app and upon your request, an interpreter will be connected to you through the real time video chat. The interpreter on your smartphone screen, in place of you, will speak to the person in front of you.

PHOTO Daniel Park, CEO of Lisaa
PHOTO Daniel Park, CEO of Lisaa

Daniel Park, CEO of Lisaa, satisfactorily said that Lisaa has received positive feedbacks from the test users. “MaintainingĀ the quality of our interpretation service is key to success,” Park emphasized. “Lisaa, like Uber or other similar services, enables users to rate interpreters to make sure service quality is maintained.”

He also added that their service is relatively affordable. Although the price varies depending on interpreter’s level of expertise or occasions, it usually costs fromĀ $1 to $2 per minute.

Although Lisaa’s service is available only in five languages, – English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese – the number of available language is planned to be added. Such expansion of the business not only enables users to communicate with more people, but it also will generate more job opportunities for interpreters.


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Translated and edited by Heewon Kim