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LA’s New Expo Line Passengers Complain about Frequent Delays

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The newly opened Expo Line trains linking downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica are frequently running late, increasing passengers’ complaints about the inconvenience caused by delays.

Even before its extension in June, many paid attention to the new line that’s expected to economically bridge the two populated areas. However, a Los Angeles Times analysis of Metro’s June data suggests that it may be economical monetarily, but not temporally.

According to the analysis, about one-third of trains arrived at least five minutes behind schedule. Such delays were more frequent on eastbound trains departing from Santa Monica, as only 25% of trains arrived on time. 58% of westbound trains arrived on schedule.

According to Metro, a train is late when it runs 5 minutes of more behind schedule. Compared to other lines, which are late 16 to 17% of the time, Expo Line is not doing so well, running 24% of the time.

Biggest reason for the delay is the failure to estimate the passenger size, resulting in the rail car shortage. Passenger size increased 58% for the first one month of the extension and it was doubled during weekends.

Passengers are seeing much room for improvement, waiting for Metro to add time to the schedules.


Original article written by Jeong Goo-hyun
Translated by Heewon Kim