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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

LA Launches New Car-Sharing Program

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BlueLA station at 7th-Westlake [Photo by Kim Sang-jin].

The City of Los Angeles is adding another shared transportation option. In addition to the existing Metro Bike Share program, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation will launch the BlueLA Electric Car Sharing Program.

On June 9, the City of Los Angeles announced its car-sharing program, which will be available on-street at self-service kiosks located throughout the city. By bringing electric cars, especially to low-income neighborhoods, the city aims to expand the number of options for eco-friendly transportation.

The city plans to open 40 stations by the end of the year, where three to five electric cars will be available 24/7. In Koreatown, there will be 10 stations, including at 6th/Vermont and Wilshire/Western.

Registered users can use this service at an affordable rate of $9 per hour, with a monthly registration fee of $7.50. For more information, please visit www.bluela.com.


Original article by Choi In-sung
Translated by Heewon Kim