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LA Korean Cultural Center Opens Korean Cuisine Lecture Series

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Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles presents the 2017 K-Cuisine Lecture Series Program for those who are interested in the Korean cuisine. Starting today, 12 classes will be held over four weeks at Korean Food Academy located in Koreatown.

The lectures are offered in two levels – beginning and intermediate. The beginner’s class comprises six lectures about Korean culinary culture as well as demonstrations of various Korean dishes.

Dishes taught in the beginner’s class are some of the popular and more familiar ones, including bibimbap, japchae, and jeon. There also will be a field trip to a Korean market, where students will find some of the essential pantry items for Korean cuisine.

The intermediate class, which is open only for those who have taken the beginner’s class, presents dishes that require a higher level of skills and knowledge in the basics of Korean cuisine. Students can also freely display their own dishes through K-Cuisine Contest, which will be held on the last day of the series.

Korean Cultural Center also invites Jonathan Gold to discuss Korean cuisine. At the event, which is to be held on May 15 at 7 PM, Gold will share his thoughts on Korean culinary culture and Korean restaurants in Los Angeles area.

For more information about K-Cuisine Lecture Series, please visit the event page.


Original article by Oh Soo-yeon
Translated by Heewon Kim