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L.A. Ranked #1 for Stressful Commute in the Nation

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Los Angeles turned out to be the worst city for commute stress in the nation.

On the 24th, the Los Angeles Business Journal reported that L.A. ranked #8 on the average round-trip commute time, according to a survey done by Menlo Park staffing firm Robert Half International. However, the city ranked #1 for the worst commute stress in the nation.

After L.A., the following cities were Miami, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Austin (TX).

Yet, the average round-trip commute time of L.A.’s survey participants was 54 minutes, which is the 8th highest in the nation. The highest was Washing D.C., which had 60 minutes. Cities of San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Dallas had longer commute times than L.A.. The Nation’s average commute time was 49 minutes.

The survey, which was done last month, had more than 2,700 participants that work in a total of 27 cities. It measured the average commute time and the commute stress of these participants.

The results proved that a long commute time is not the only factor that affects commuters’ stress levels.

Robert Half’s district president Brandi Britton explained, “Aside from the length of the commute, there are several other factors that can lead to stress – such as a poor public transportation system, traffic congestion, weather and frequent construction projects. Some would argue experiencing these obstacles regularly would be more stressful than simply a long commute.”


Original article
by Kim Byung-il

Translated by Audrey Joung

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