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LA city to seek public suggestions on streetlight locations

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The City of Los Angeles plans to seek public input on where to install streetlights throughout the city.

The Bureau of Street Lighting will conduct a survey to determine the preferred locations for streetlights and what type and brightness should be used.

While the decision to install streetlights in public spaces is at the city’s discretion, the city will take residents’ requests for new or additional streetlights in streets, parks, and residential neighborhoods into account if they are for reasons of crime prevention, safety, or privacy.

The survey will consider the amount of private property affected, with more consideration given to those who are more affected.

On May 9, the bureau will release the results of the recent survey of 10 neighborhoods, including the intersection of Hoover St. and Council St., and direct the relevant departments to work on them.

The bureau will survey on 13 other neighborhoods next month, including La Cienega and Jefferson Blvd.

For more information, visit the Bureau of Street Lighting’s website at https://lalights.lacity.org/residents/get_streetlight.html.

BY INSEONG CHOI [support@koreadaily.com]