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L.A. Full Gospel Church offers childbirth subsidies to encourage young couples in Korean-American community

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A Korean-American church in Los Angeles is gaining attention for its provision of childbirth subsidies to incentivize young couples to have children and raise them. L.A. Full Gospel Church, led by Senior Pastor Yu Chul Chin, recently announced the initiation of childbirth subsidies, with the first payment made on May 28.

During a ceremony, the church awarded a $2,000 subsidy to a couple in their 30s who appeared at the pulpit with their 5-month-old second child. As per the church’s policy, members receive $1,000 for the birth of their first child, $2,000 for the second, $3,000 for the third, and $5,000 for the fourth. The church also mentioned providing special gifts for the fifth child.

L.A. Full Gospel Church expressed its decision to support childbirth incentives for Korean-American youth in the United States, who are increasingly postponing marriage and having children due to financial burdens.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a slight decline in the number of births in the U.S. in 2022 compared to the previous year, attributing it to various economic and social challenges faced by prospective parents.

Pastor Young Mo Yang, a member of the L.A. Full Gospel Church’s Education Bureau, acknowledged the high costs associated with raising a child and highlighted the goal of easing the burden on newly minted parents through subsidies.

Moreover, the church emphasized that the subsidy distribution is more than just financial assistance. It takes place during the Baby Dedication ceremony led by the senior pastor, where all church members offer their blessings and prayers.

The ceremony, conducted within six months of the child’s birth, entails parents pledging to raise their children in accordance with God’s will and teachings.

L.A. Full Gospel Church’s “New Family Community” currently consists of about 20 young couples who support and strengthen each other. This community serves as a platform for couples of similar age and concerns to share their experiences, offer support, and exchange information on life in the United States as immigrants.

Senior Pastor Yu Chul Chin expressed the church’s belief that childbirth is a blessing according to God’s plan. Encouraging young couples to have children and build biblical families that honor God and contribute positively to society is a central aim of the church.

For further information, interested individuals can contact L.A. Full Gospel Church at (323) 913-4499.

BY SUAH JANG [support@koreadaily.com]