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[Kpop Spotlight] SHINEE’s Taemin & Bruno Mars drop ‘Press Your Number’

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SHINEE’s maknae Taemin is back with a solo album Press It. The music video for the title track “Press Your Number” was released today.

“Press Your Number” starts with sensual guitar sounds and incorporates a skillful blend of both electro-funk and slick rhythmic dance music genres.

Bruno Mars participated in composing and arranging “Press Your Number,” to which Taemin said, “it was an honor to work with him.” Other big names that contributed to the album include Teddy Riley, LDN Noise, Stereotypes, and Philip Lawrence.

Like many other music videos from SM Entertainment, “Press Your Number” sets place in a romanticized foreign country and displays visual exuberance. The vibrant, saturated colors captivate the audience.

Taemin’s first solo album Press It is comprised of 10 songs: “Drip Drop,” “Press Your Number,” “Soldier,” “벌써 Already,” “Guess Who,” “One By One,” “Mystery Lover,” “Sexuality,” “오늘까지만 Until Today,” “최면 Hypnosis.” This is significant, because Taemin’s new album is the first time in SM Entertainment’s history that a boy group or girl group member has released a full-length.

Taemin picked “Drip Drop” as his favorite track featuring a music video that was filmed in Los Angeles.

Taemin will perform this week on Mnet Countdown (Thursday, February 25th) and Yoo Hee Yul’s Sketchbook (Friday, February 26th). Fans are hungrily awaiting his live performance, because Taemin is famously known for his smooth dance moves.

By Hajin Lily Yi