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[Kpop Spotlight] Lee Hi is back with ‘BREATHE’ and ‘HOLD MY HAND’

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leehi seouliteLee Hi just released her half album Seoulite on March 9th KST. It has only been about 7 hours since the release of this long-anticipated album and she is topping all the music charts.

The track list is as follows:
01. World Tour (비행) feat. MINO of WINNER
02. Hold My Hand (손잡아 줘요)
03. Breathe (한숨)
04. Official feat. Incredivle
05. Fxxk wit Us fea. DOK2

The title song ‘Breathe‘ and ‘Hold My Hand‘ contrast each other in their overall tone – one is mellow while the other one is upbeat and energetic. But together, they have a synergic effect that highlights Lee Hi’s unique.

It is interesting to note that Jonhyun from SHINEE actually wrote and composed the title song “Breathe.”

LEE HI (이하이) – Breathe (한숨)

This EP features renowned artists from the K-hip hop community for an outstanding collaboration.

YG Entertainment’s reputable producer Tablo helped create this album. And Lee Hi sings with MINO, the distinct voice and recognized rapper of WINNER in the opening track “World Tour,” Rapper Incredivle in “Official” and rapper Illionaire in “Fxxk Wit Me.”

While you wait for her live comeback stage on Mnet Coutdown this Thursday (March 10th), check out her two awesome music videos!

LEE HI (이하이) – Hold My Hand (손잡아 줘요)

By Hajin Lily Yi

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