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Koreans Suffer Most From Breast, Intestinal or Stomach Cancer

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Korean-American cancer patients are suffering from breast and intestinal cancers than any other forms of cancer, according to the Korean Health, Education, Information and Research Community Clinic (KHEIR).

According to a recently released patient test results by the KHEIR, 48 of the 117 cancer patients are currently being treated for breast, intestinal or lung cancer.

The KHEIR conducted the diagnoses on 8,700 patients between Jan. 1 and July 31 this year. As a result, 103 patients (1.2 percent) are suffering from cancer. The KHEIR added that 1.2 out of every 100 Korean patients are diagnosed with cancer, while some cancer patients are also suffering from more than one form of cancer.

Breast cancer led the way with 23 of 103 patients (19.7 percent), followed by intestinal cancer (15, 12.8 percent) and stomach cancer (10, 8.5 percent). Nine patients were found for each of liver, lung, prostate and skin cancer, while four suffered from lymphoma.

The KHEIR added that 5,940 of 8,700 patients who are diagnosed were Koreans. Of the 103 patients who were diagnosed with cancer, 79 (77 percent) were Koreans. By gender, 62 females and 41 males were diagnosed with cancer.


By Hyoungjae Kim

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