Korean YouTubers Are in Love with These Japanese Edible Gems

Image in courtesy of YouTuber ARI KITCHEN

If you watch YouTube videos by Korean creators frequently, you might have noticed this recent trend. Lately, Korean YouTubers are in love with a particular kind of Japanese candy – Kohakuto.

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Kohakuto, which translates into “amber sugar,” is a Japanese tea food made with two simple ingredients – agar and sugar. Although it looks like a hard candy, it has a soft and chewy texture inside the crispy surface.

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The popularity of Kohakuto is spreading widely, especially because it is easy to make. To make these edible gems, simply mix 350g of sugar, 200ml of water, and 5g of agar power in a pan with a low heat. When melted well, pour the mixture on a baking pan and add food coloring. After freezing in a refrigerator for 2 hours, cut the mixture into bite size to leave for three to four days until each piece is completely dry.

The harmony of crusty surface and chewy inside creates a great texture. Because of the sound it makes when you bite, many of the YouTubers use the candy to record ASMR videos.


By Heewon Kim