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Korean Youtubers: Explore Korean Culture via Youtube Videos

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As proven by Gangnam Style’s masive popularity, potential of Youtube in the global scene is much more powerful than one can imagine. Not only does it provide entertainment, but Youtube also allows us to explore other cultures at one sight. If you want to learn more about Korean culture – including its food, language, make-up, and pretty much anything else you can imagine – go to Youtube and search for your topic of interest. If you don’t know where to start with, try these four Korean Youtubers. You can start from here to search for other Youtubers, or just let Youtube lead you to other recommended videos.

1.  Maangchi

If you love going to K-town to enjoy Korean food, you may have though about cooking Korean dishes by yourself. If textual recipes and pictures are not easy enough to follow, you can find hundreds of video recipes and instructions for Korean food from Maangchi’s channel. Her recipes are not limited to popular and rather general Korean dishes like Kimchi, Bibimbap, Bulgogi, or soft tofu stew, but includes more variety: side dishes and soups to go with a bowl of rice, vegetarian Korean food, as well as meat-lovers favorite Korean dishes. If you want to make Korean dishes at home but don’t know how to, follow Maangchi’s easy and kind step-by-step instructions at her Youtube channel!

2. Sydney to You

Sydney is a Beauty Youtuber living in England. Among so many skilled Korean Beauty Youtubers, we chose to introduce Sydney for most of her video clips created in English, not to mention her cute, skillful make-ups. From Sydney’s Youtube channel, you can learn how to do Korean style make-ups and find reviews of affordable yet effective Korean cosmetic products. Sydney also introduces her skin care routine, which is the first step to follow for a K-Beauty newbie. Her Vlog videos are good time killers too!

3. Sweet and Tasty TV

Sweet and Tasty TV is a channel that can be your tour guide, Korean teacher, as well as Korean friend who is willing to teach you about traditional and popular Korean culture. The host of this channel, Professor Oh, offers beginner-level Korean language classes, tips and tricks for traveling to Korea, as well as information about Korean food, traditions, and history, through her Youtube videos.

4. Honeykki

Honeykki is another popular Korean Food Youtuber. However, her videos are not like Maangchi’s. Instead of teaching how to cook Korean dishes, Honeykki makes her videos more like food-porns, showing the process without speaking (much like food ASMR). Her contents are not limited to Korean food, but include other popular and trendy dishes in Korea like Spicy Cream Tteokbokki, Cream Udon, Pizza Dip, as well as desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

By Heewon Kim


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