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Korean Waiter Receives $1000 Tip From Customer in Glenview, Illinois

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From left: Tim Keeper, Ellie, Marian, Elizabeth Keeper, Hansol Lee, John Keeper at Fish on Fire in Glenview, IL

A Korean waiter, who works at Glenview’s Japanese restaurant, Fish on Fire, recently received a $1000 tip from one of his regular customers.

Hansol Lee, the 21-year-old man has been working at the restaurant since its opening last year, and he is joining the army on upcoming July 6th.

One of the regular customers, Elizabeth Keeper has been developing acquaintance with Hansol, and he recently notified the Keeper family that he will quit the job since he is joining the army.

Hansol is joining the army because of financial support, since the government supports for tuition to members of the Army. When informed about his situation, Elizabeth gave him a $1000 tip saying it could help him paying for tuition.

On the 27th, the Keeper family gathered at the restaurant, and they were busy greeting each other. Later the family talked about their first encounter with Hansol.

Elizabeth said, “Hansol was always nice to us and provided such a great service every time we visited the restaurant. And we were very disappointed hearing he is quitting the job and came up with an idea to thank him for his service with a tip. We firmly believe that he will do a great job wherever he is, and we hope the best for his future and wish to keep talking to him with e-mail.”

Hansol also said, “I was really pleased since tips are for complimenting my effort. But I’ve never received this large amount of tip, so I was pretty surprised, but very thankful at the same time.”

Graduated from Oakton Community College, Hansol will be trained in Oklahoma and Texas after he joins the army on July 6th.


Original article available at http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=4390991
Translated by Audrey Joung