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Korean sushi man in Las Vegas stabbed to death by co-worker

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Lim Tae-kyung [Gofundme]
A Korean man who working at a sushi restaurant in Las Vegas was stabbed to death by a co-worker.

According to the report, Lim Tae-kyung (42) was fatally stabbed more than eight times in the neck and back with a knife at 12:20 p.m. on the 15th at the Hokaido Sushi Restaurant in Las Vegas, and died on the 19th, four days later.

Lim worked as a sushi man at the restaurant, and the suspect was a Hispanic man in his late 30s named “Jose,” a chef who worked with Lim.

An acquaintance close to the victim, said, “According to the restaurant owner, there was an argument with each other in the process of receiving orders, and eventually, a fight broke out with Hose stabbing Lim with a sushi knife in the kitchen.”

The incident is more shocking because it occurred during a busy lunch time on a weekday when customers were still dining at the restaurant.

“The customers at the scene witnessed this and reported it to the police,” A said. “A Korean doctor among the customers helped the victim stop the bleeding until paramedics came.”

The suspect was arrested at the scene.

Meanwhile, the victim, who immigrated to the United States in 2013, reportedly moved to Las Vegas last year and started working at the restaurant.

“I learned to make sushi in LA, but I moved to Las Vegas last year because I could not land a job,” Lim’s close acquaintance said. “I heard that Lim is single with his family living in Korea, but his father passed away recently and his mother is hospitalized due to her dementia. I understand his sister is barely getting by as well, so I could not deliver the news yet.” he said.

He then said, “Currently, the Korean Association in Las Vegas is helping a lot, but it is difficult to hold a funeral because there is no family member to attend it. We also need the funeral and transportation costs,” he said, asking for help from the Korean community.

▶ Who can help: (702) 220-7040 Las Vegas Korean Association

BY JANG SU-AH [jang.suah@koreadaily.com]