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Korean-style steakhouse goes viral in NYC after David Beckham endorsement

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A Korean-style steak restaurant in New York City, known as soccer star David Beckham’s favorite, is going viral.

On May 11, a video titled “Korean Steakhouse Goes Viral in New York” was posted on social media.

David Beckham at the viral Korean steakhouse in New York. [Image captured from Instagram]

The user who posted the video claimed, “David Beckham visits this place once a month,” and introduced it as “the most famous Korean barbecue restaurant in New York City, with a Michelin one-star rating.” This restaurant is the first Korean-style steakhouse in the U.S. to receive a Michelin star and is renowned for its use of American beef.

“It was very difficult to make a reservation,” the user commented, adding, “I saw Beckham at the table next to mine that day and confirmed that he was a regular.”

“We spent about $1,000 for a meal for four people and wine, but it was worth it considering the service and fantastic food.”

An employee serves food at “Cote” steakhouse. [Image captured from Instagram]

The video also revealed that Argentine striker Lionel Messi of Inter Miami CF frequents the Miami branch of the same restaurant. This restaurant, whose name is “Cote”, has locations in New York, Miami, and Singapore.

In the video, the restaurant’s American staff in suits are seen grilling beef, mushrooms, and rice cakes on a charcoal grill. The dishes are accompanied by side dishes typical of Korean barbecue restaurants, such as steamed eggs, miso soup, and kimchi.

“This is a Korean flame-broiled barbecue that captures the essence of New York. And this is where all the hipsters and celebrities in New York come,” said the video.

BY JAESUNG BAE [hongdoya@joongang.co.kr]