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Korean American brothers in their 60s complete Boston Marathon together

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[Provided by Eagle Runners]
Korean-American brothers in their 60s crossed the finish line side-by-side in 3 hours and 54 minutes at the Boston Marathon on April 17.

Lee Kang-yong (69, Buena Park) and Lee Kang-won (66, Fullerton) are members of the Korean-American marathon club, Eagle Runners.

Kang-yong, who runs a food delivery business, competed in the 69-73 age group, and Kang-won, a CPA who runs an accounting firm in LA Koreatown, competed in the 65-68 age group to meet the Boston Qualifying (BQ) standard for the Boston Marathon.

The Lee brothers both qualified for the Boston Marathon at the Big Bear Marathon together in November 2021.

This was Kang-won’s second Boston Marathon after last year, and Kang-yong’s first.

“I ran with my brother side-by-side from start to finish,” says Kang-won. “He started running marathons after I did, but now he runs better than me. Last time I ran the marathon, my record was 4 hours and 2 minutes. It was a struggle for me because I was running alone, so I couldn’t control my pace. This time, it was much easier because we ran together,” he explained.

The brothers’ future goals include running together in the world’s top six marathons (Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, London, and Tokyo).

Fullerton-based Eagle Runners had four runners compete, including the Lee brothers, and three of them met the BQ standard.

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