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Korea’s College Entrance Exam Postponed Due to 5.4-Earthquake

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Korea’s 2018 college entrance exam has been postponed for a week as a result of the 5.4-magnitude earthquake in the city of Pohang.

The Ministry of Education announced on 15th that the exam, which was originally planned for the 16th, will be postponed for a week. The exam will now be on the 23rd.

Earlier, the Ministry had said that the exam will happen as planned because the earthquake damage is not nation-wide.

However, after thorough examination, they have discovered that some of the examination centers have been highly damaged. They considered it would be hard for students to take the exam at those locations.

The ministry has eventually decided to postpone the exam considering not only the damage and ongoing aftershocks, but also students’ physical and psychological stability.

The ministry will also change each student’s designated examination center to prevent cheating.

The final scores notice day has not been confirmed. However, considering that scoring the exams takes about 20 days, it is highly possible that the notice day (originally December 6th) may be postponed, as well.


Original article
by Ko Yoo-sun

Translated by Audrey Joung