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[Kmovie Spotlight] Review of ‘Assassination’ (2015)

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Assassination POSTER-337x500Basic information
Title: Assassination (암살)
Release Date: July 22, 2015
Genre: Action/ Drama
Director: Choi Dong Hoon
Stars: Jun Ji Hyun, Ha Jung Woo, Lee Jung Jae

Taking place during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930’s, Assassination is the epitome of a well-made historical drama, because it has all the elements of an accurate historical context and a hint of political commentary with pathos and action skillfully blended into one master piece.

Director Choi Dong Hoon paints not only the micro but also the macro struggles of Korea under Japanese rule. In between the bombs, the shooting, and close escapes that get your palms sweaty with suspense are sincere sincere moments that tug at your heartstrings.

The film presents an engaging plot (a suspenseful fight for resistance) through sophisticated story-telling, visual exuberance, and killer acting performance.

The film is full of surprises and plot twists that will keep you at the edge of your seats. Through most of the film, it is unclear who is on who’s team. Discovering traitors within the same family, the same resistance group, and the same country makes for a complex, mind-boggling fight. And this unpredictable mystery is what sets Assassination apart and eventually made it a huge sensation.

Assassination poster 2Another strong point of Assassination: intentional and well-defined characters. I would especially like to bring your attention to our main character. Ahn Ok Yun, the sniper heroine who leads the trio to assassinate the Japanese commander (played by the beloved Jun Ji Hyun) defies all the traditional gender stereotypes and triumphantly shines as a clever, courageous, and patriotic rebel.

Distinctly unique and relatable characters added a layer of complexity and personal connection to the larger story.

Overall, Assassination is more than just a historical action drama. It’s a comedy, a love story, and a political commentary that will surely take your breath away. Thus, it is highly recommended to those who have yet to see this splendid film.

By Hajin Lily Yi