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[KD Student Reporters] How Books Are Criminally Underrated (by Aaron Kim)

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#Two Teenagers Bridge the Gap Between South Korea and the US (by Sooa Kim)

Sooa Kim / Grade 12 / Valencia High School

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Eunice Minji Choi / Grade 11 / North Hollywood High School

#How Books Are Criminally Underrated (by Aaron Kim)

Aaron Kim / Grade 10 / Cerritos High School

#Weighing the Options of At-Home Exercise (by Audrey Park)

Audrey Park / Grade 10 / Northwood High School

#The Flashy First Game (by Ashley Seong)

Ashley Seong / Grade 9 / Ruben S. Ayala High School

#Bike-Sharing Program in China (by Hajoon Song)

Hajoon Song / Grade 9 / International School of Beijing