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[KD Student Reporters] Being Present in Wyoming (by Rachel Chung)

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E-Bikes are Vehicles? E-Bike Permits In My Community (by David Han)

David Han / Grade 10 / Woodbridge High School

Being Present in Wyoming (by Rachel Chung)

Rachel Chung / Grade 11 / Archer School for Girls

Lost Canyon Retreat (by Jenna Kim)

Jenna Kim / Grade 10 / Pacifica Christian High School

The New COVID-19 Variant : BA.2.86 (by Jiseong Yoo)

Jiseong Yoo / Grade 10 / Sunny Hills High School

No Kids Zones, Decreasing Children’s Future (by Subeen Yu)

Subeen Yu / Grade 8 / Juniper Christian School

The Purpose of the Griffith Observatory (by Ethan Chang)

Ethan Chang / Grade 12 / Stockdale High School