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[KD Student Reporters] 40 Miles Down the Colorado River (Angel Song)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Culver City High to promote his new book (by Jonathan Kim)

Jonathan Kim / Grade 12 / Culver City High School

The Coptic Church and its Community (by Ethan Chang)

Ethan Chang / Grade 12 / Stockdale High School

New York City: The City of Two Faces (by Jiyong Kwak)

Jiyong Kwak / Grade 9 / Juniper Christian School

The Elegance of Minimalist Graphic Design (by Audrey Park)

Audrey Park / Grade 10 / Northwood High School

HW Athletics Social Media Team at Homecoming (by Isleen Lee)

Isleen Lee / Grade 10 / Harvard-Westlake School

40 Miles Down the Colorado River (Angel Song)

Angel Song / Grade 9 / Harvard-Westlake School