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Home of leader who asked Mayor for increased patrols burglarized by disguised cleaners

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A group of burglars broke into the home of a Korean-American organization leader who had called on Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass to increase patrols in Los Angeles Koreatown last month, stealing cash and other valuables in broad daylight.

Bass and LAPD Chief Dominic Choi visited the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles on April 17 to hear the concerns of residents and emphasized efforts to increase police presence and crime prevention. “If the officers are more visible and active, criminals will have to be intimidated,” said the Korean-American organization leader at the meeting. Bass responded that the city would work to increase policing in Koreatown.

Burglars carrying bags of stolen items out of the Koreatown condominium of a leader of a Korean-American organization who asked the mayor for increased patrol.


However, within just a month of the meeting, a trio of burglars entered the home of the president of the organization, who asked for anonymity, and stole thousands of dollars in cash and valuables.

“On May 15, around 2 p.m., three burglars entered my condo on Gramercy in Koreatown and left a mess,” he said. “They entered from the lobby wearing hats and masks, dressed as if they were cleaners while carrying large bags, and swept up even all the small accessories in the house.”

The elevator and building’s security cameras captured their entrance into the home. The burglars were discreet enough to turn off all the cameras in his home.

The condominium building where the crime took place was designed to allow various packages to be delivered to the building’s mailbox, making it easier for intruders to come in.

According to the victim, the suspects were unaware if the house was unoccupied beforehand and reportedly knocked on neighboring units to check if anyone was home before forcing open the door. He suggested that the recent renovation of a neighboring condominium could have exposed the building’s internal situation to the outside.

“I strongly requested the mayor to strengthen patrols, but I was panicked that the burglars came as if on cue,” he said.

He reported the incident, the camera footage, and the damage to the LAPD Olympic station immediately after the incident, but the suspects have not yet been arrested. The police are noting the boldness of the perpetrators, who moved in groups of three in broad daylight and were completely oblivious to the cameras.

BY BRIAN CHOI, HOONSIK WOO [ichoi@koreadaily.com]