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Guillaume Musso Novel Adapted into Korean Film

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Popular novel written by French novelist Guillaume Musso, Will You Be There?, is remade into a Korean film. The release date of the film is scheduled for December.

Will You Be There? is one of Musso’s most successful works, published in 22 countries. Despite several proposals for the film adaptation from different countries, the novelist made the final decision to sell the copyright to Korean film production studio, Soo Film.

The film remake of the novel follows the original plot except for few adaptations made to better appeal to Korean audiences. Its narrative unfolds as a man travels 30 years back to the past and meet his younger self.

Veteran actor Kim Yoon-seok and Byun Yo-han, who rose to fame with a supporting role in K-drama series Misaeng, act the main roles.


By Heewon Kim